5 Reasons Why You Should Become a DIGITAL NOMAD

‘Digital Nomads’ are people who are location independent and use technology to perform their job, as defined by Investopedia.com. Digital nomads work remotely – telecommute, which is now possible due to economical internet access, smartphones and voice over internet protocol (VoIP) to keep in contact with clients and employers.


With the evolution of technology and more flexible job roles, freelancing has transformed as a career that is more respected and encouraged today. It is not only attracting a humungous number of young people but is providing small businesses with an opportunity to designate work proficiently.

Here are 5 reasons why being a Digital Nomad is the coolest job!

1) Independence from schedule:

You’ll not have to worry about work-life balance as you aren’t restricted to any time schedule and can work whenever you want or at whatever time of the day you feel most productive, provided you stick to the deadlines of your client. No more 9-5 boring jobs!

2) Infinite Opportunities:

You never know what opportunity you’ll be stumbling into! While working as a freelancer you will get to meet awesome people doing some incredible work. And for every one of these people you meet, network with and befriend, another door will open for you. The opportunities that come your way will never cease to amaze you. Now all you have to do is catch the right one and run with it!

3) Explore the world:

You have the freedom to travel the world. Most of the Digital Nomads travel to Southern Asian Countries and live a very comfortable life with the money they make. They work for 2 weeks and chill in the next 2 weeks of the month. Also, what’s a better incentive than getting to travel the world?  Imagine working on a beach – being inspired by the things around you, thus allowing yourself to find creative ways of growing business.

4) Sufficient Income:

Well, most of the digital nomads earn enough to travel different countries. Being a digital nomad also makes you accept, appreciate and create passive income. Most of these digital nomads admit that they make about $1000 a month and usually this is a great deal of money in countries like Thailand or other South Asian countries where you can enjoy a very comfortable life. In Indian currency, $1000 would amount to 65,000 INR which is usually the money that a software professional earns every month.

Most importantly these people have the opportunity to earn as much as they can. They don’t restrict themselves to a certain amount of money.

Is passive income really that easy to come by? NO! But when you find the right avenue, and the stars align, life just becomes a little less stressful.


5) Experience LIFE:

Unlike most people in their twenties, these people don’t restrict themselves to a confined cabin. They enjoy and take life as it comes.
They travel the world, don’t shy away from opportunities and are eager to learn different things. Digital nomads are making the best out of their time and life!