5 Amazing innovations in green Technology

Green technology although has always come to be known as the emblem of innovation to save the environment, but it is only recently that people have started comprehending the potential green technology holds for the business world.
New start-ups are emerging with creative ideas to not only make money out of their green technologies, but engaging a large audiences with the products or services they provide. Here are 5 green technologies that we find coolest of the lot!

  1.  TreeWiFi

This is an Amsterdam based start-up that is building birdhouses that measure air pollution level. The air quality data is sent to a server where it is analyzed and made public for everyone to see. When the server detects an improvement in air quality, it allows the birdhouse to share its internet connection with everyone in the street. Users that connect to the network get tips & tricks on how to improve air quality locally before going online. TreeWiFi is now looking to raise €6.500 to further support the development of the prototype.


2. HearO

A tennis ball is a perfect ergonomic object and is covered in a tactile felt that is exceedingly durable. hearO uses these properties to create a portable Bluetooth speaker that blends usability and sustainability with a refined aesthetic. The product fuses into an ideal portable media companion.
Imagine what you can do with all those 55000 tennis balls used in one Wimbledon alone!


3. BeCool

This new device called BeCool cools (or heats) the air while charging up a fuel cell at the same time. It could transform the whole approach to indoor climate control by generating electricity rather than just sucking it up. The invention comes from Be Power Tech, a start-up based in Florida, where air conditioning is not just a luxury but also a lifesaver.
4. Nest Learning Thermostat 3.0

Nest Labs, Inc. has unveiled the third generation of the Nest Learning Thermostat. The energy-saving thermostat’s upgraded display and software makes it easier to read temperatures, alerts, and messages from far-away distances. What’s the coolest thing about this product?
Nest’s new “Time of Savings” feature enables the thermostat to save even more money for customers whose energy utility offers a Time of Use (TOU) rate plan. Under those circumstances, Nest can learn the price of energy and automatically adjust itself to help customers use less energy when prices are highest, trimming utility bills month after month.


5. Conceptos⦁ ⦁ Plásticos

This Colombian company saw two pressing problems in the world – one, of the housing crisis, prevalent in Latin America, the second, of the overwhelming amount of plastic crowding landfills. They decided to tackle both with recycled building materials.
Conceptos Plásticos recycles plastic into LEGO-like building blocks that families can use to easily construct their own homes. Now isn’t this brilliant?
Source: http://inhabitat.com/